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Rich Boy - Rich Boy

Rich Boy

01. The Madness
02. Role Models (Feat. David Banner & Attitude)
03. Boy Looka Here
04. Throw Some D's (Feat. Polow Da Don)
05. What It Do (Feat. Cutty)
06. Good Things (Feat. Polow Da Don & Keri)
07. Hustla Balla Gangsta Mack
08. Touch That A**
09. On The Regular
10. Gangsta (Feat. Mark Twain) Interlude
11. Get To Poppin
12. And I Love You (Feat. Big Boi & Pastor Troy)
13. Lost Girls (Feat. Keri & Rock City)
14. Ghetto Rich (Feat. John Legend)
15. Let's Get This Paper
16. Throw Some D's (Remix) (Feat. Andre 3000, Jim Jones, Nelly, Murphy Lee)

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