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Stars - Do You Trust Your Friends



01. Your Ex-Lover is Dead (Final Fantasy remix)
02. Set Yourself on Fire (Montag remix)
03. Agesless Beauty (The Most Serene Republic remix)
04. Reunion (Jason Collett remix)
05. The Big Fight (Minotaur Shock remix)
06. What I'm Trying to Say Part 1 (The Dears remix)
07. What I'm Trying to Say Part 2 (The Dears remix)
08. One More Night (Apostle of Hustle remix)
09. Sleep Tonight (Junior Boys remix)
10. The First Five Times (The Russian Futurists remix)
11. He Lied About Death (Metric remix)
12. Celebration Guns (Camouflage Nights with Kevin Drew remix)
13. Soft Revolution (The Stills remix)
14. Calendar Girl (Young Galaxy remix)

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