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Akon - Konvicted



01. "Shake Down" (Thiam, A./ Tuinfort, G.)
02. "Blown Away" (featuring Styles P) (Thiam, A./ Styles, D./ Tuinfort, G.)
03. "Smack That" (featuring Eminem) (Thiam, A./ Mathers, M./ Resto, L./ Strange, M.)
04. "I Wanna Love You" (featuring Snoop Dogg) (Thiam, A./ Broadus, C.)
05. "The Rain" (Thiam, A./ Crocker, S./ Reynolds, D./ Thomas, Theron/ Thomas, Timothy)
06. "Never Took the Time" (Thiam, A./ Bryce, K./ Skinner, S.)
07. "Mama Africa" (Thiam, A./ Abdulsamad, H./ Browne, D./ Dixon, B./ Dwyer, E./ Elton, P./ Gowdy, B./ Otto, T./Richards, D.)
08. "I Can't Wait" (featuring T-Pain) (Thiam, A./ Najm, F.)
09. "Gangsta Bop"(Thiam, A./ Nielsen, T./ Rask, R.)
10. "Tired of Runnin'" (Thiam, A./ Banks, H./ C. Hampton/ Jackson, R.)
11. "Once in a While"(Thiam, A./ Boulai, B./ Prokop, S.)
12. "Don't Matter"(Thiam, A./ Lawson, A.

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