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Royksopp - Back to Mine



01.Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On) - (with Talking Heads)
02.Sphinx - (with Harry Thumann)
03.One More Round - (with Kasso)
04.Ma Quale Idea - (with Pino D’Angino)
05.Above And Beyon - (with Edgar Winter Group)
06.Off Side - (with Ray Mang/Nathan D’Troit)
07.Platinum (Part Three-Charlesteon) - (with Mike Oldfield)
08.Meatball - (with Emmanuel Splice)
09.That’s Hot - (with Jesse G)
10.Legs - (with Art Of Noise)
11.3:am - (12? Version, with I-Level)
12.Dirty Talk - (with Klein & MBO)
13.It Ain’t Easy - (with Supermax)
14.Could Heaven Ever Be Like This - (with Idris Muhammad)
15.Night People - (New York Club mix, with Guy Dalton)
16.Get Closer - (Vocal, with Valerie Dore)
17.Can’t Be Serious - (with Ginny)
18.I’m Never Gonna Tell It - (with Funkadelic)
19.It’s Been A Long Time - (with New Birth)
20.Untitled Track - (with Untitled Track)

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